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General FAQs

When is the best time to Travel to South Africa?

  • South Africa is a year-round destination due to its varying regional climates and wildlife opportunities

What are the main languages Spoke in South Africa?

  • The main Spoken Language in South Africa is the Zulu however English and Afrikaans are also spoken largely in metropolitan areas.

Is South Africa a Safe Country to Travel to?

  • Yes. Most places that Tourists frequent are safe to travel to. The likelihood of a tourist becoming a victim of violent crime is low

What are the forms of Payment Used in South Africa?

  • Major cards brands are accepted in South Africa. Visa, Mastercard and American Express debit and Credit Cards. The major currency is the South Africa Rands

What if I have dietary requirements?

  • Most dietary requirements can be accommodated in South Africa. Arrange these at the time of booking to ensure the request can be met.

Can I bring a camera or binoculars on my trip to South Africa?

  • Yes. There is a lot of photos to be taken as South Africa is very beautiful country with abundant wildlife and breath-taking sceneries

What is the electric current in South Africa?

  • All electric Appliances in South Africa run on a 220V. ¬†Outlets are made to fit round 3 pin, 15-amp plugs. Although adaptors are generally available in hotels, we recommend taking your own adaptors

What time zone is South Africa in?

  • Local time in South is GMT + 2

Can I get a Tax refund in South Africa?

  • A VAT rate of 15 % is levied on most goods and services. Make sure you have your Tax Invoice and a Valid Passport if you need to claim for VAT refund.

Can I drink tap water in South Africa?

  • Tap water might be fine in most areas but we recommend drinking bottled Water